Brain Music with Alpha Wave Binaural Beats for Relaxation, Sleep, and Study (2 HOURS LONG)

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Jan 31 2015

This is a TWO HOUR long Instrumental background music for sleeping, relaxing, and stress relief with binaural beat technology at the alpha wave frequency.

Use this video as..

If you are having trouble with sleep at night, or if you're battling mild insomnia, try this instrumental background music playlist. Based off of some feedback, more likely than not, YOU WILL FALL ASLEEP BEFORE THIS PLAYLIST IS OVER. Remember to turn the music to a comfortable level. Try not to focus on the music, just try to relax and let your thoughts go. You will start finding yourself starting to drift.

It has been shown that too much stress has detrimental effects to your health, which includes high blood pressure, weight gain, and rapid aging. Take some time during the day to take a break from your work and busy schedule. Try using this background instrumental music playlist and close your eyes for a bit. Imagine yourself away from your desk or from your busy life and see where the music takes you.

Sometimes it's just nice to have music in the background when you're doing something. It could be just chatting online, playing games, cleaning your room or your workspace. Put this playlist on to see if it changes your mood or if calms you down.

Of course, the primary goal of the music here in Relaxtopia is to relax. This playlist in its very core is to relax you. Relaxation is the key to battling stress, sleep, and anxiety. Let the relaxing music take over.

DISCLAIMER: This MAY be used as study music, or music to help you concentrate and learn, HOWEVER, you MUST be feeling fairly awake in order to use this music for that purpose. More likely than not, this playlist may put you to sleep, so don't use this as an all-nighter. If you'd like more study music, use my other channel "Study Music Project" instead.

This song contains binaural beat technology that infuses alpha wave frequencies. The alpha wave frequencies evokes relaxation and calmness.

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