Mo Vlogs Chooses MGTOW Over Girlfriend

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Aug 29 2016

Mo Vlogs Chooses MGTOW Over Girlfriend

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Mo Vlogs Why I don't have a girlfriend:

Mo Vlogs Buying my first supercar:

Hey guys so today’s video is about a popular YouTuber who goes by the name of Mo Vlogs.

Mo Vlogs who is only 21 years of age, is a Vlogger and gamer who mainly found success with his luxury car-related videos on his channel. He has accumulated over 1.4 million subscribers.
He launched his Mo Vlogs channel in September of 2013, uploading his first, appropriately titled video "My first Vlog!" in December of 2014.

He created a gaming YouTube channel with a connected Twitch account, but chose to focus on his main channel rather than pursue gaming channels.

He lives between his birth place of Dubai and London. His sister Lana Rose became extremely popular on Instagram.
In the previous video clip you just saw a girl ask Mo Vlogs who is only 21 why he doesn’t have a girlfriend. Mo gave her a direct and to the point answer that he is focusing on work and other important things in his life. In my opinion Mo Vlogs is leading a life of a MGTOW, a man going his own way, focusing on his career, hobbies and family above all else, especially women. Dating women for Mo Vlogs is not even on the agenda and it seems that Mo has realised this a while back.

I can guarantee you right now that if Mo Vlogs had a girlfriend, he would of never been able to achieve even a quarter of the things he enjoys today. Running a popular YouTube channel is pretty much a 24/7 gig, Mo also spends a lot of his time with his family which would further impact his relationship with a possible girlfriend.

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