Pokemon Go Parody | “Pokecoin Hack”

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Mar 11 2017

Pokemon Go Parody | “Pokecoin Hack”
Alright, you've seen all the pokecoin spam, and all the pokecoin links. But have you seen the “Pokecoin Hack” Parody? Well grab your Pikachu's, Voltorbs, Electrodes, Magnemites and Magnetons, because we're about to slam your smart phone with enough electricity to hack even the most “firewall”ed interfaces ever...Your Pokemon Go Account.

Watch as Carrot and Potato hack their way to free unlimited pokecoins. It's a bit of a process, but boy does it work. In fact, statistically, it works overy 97% of the time. Unless your not a cartoon, in which case it really never works. So please don't try this at home. Your Pikachu's electric attacks are in fact dangerous, and should only be used by experienced Pokemon trainers.

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