Rich Piana's Marriage & Green Card Gold Digger MGTOW

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Nov 10 2016

Rich Piana's Marriage & Green Card Gold Digger MGTOW


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Paul Elam's Channel: Foreign Women Are Not the Answer (NAFWALT)

Today’s video is about Rich Piana and his troubled romantic love life… to be precise, his recent failed marriage to a gold digging cunt Sara who also wanted a green card so she can stay in US.
After literally thousands of people including myself tried to warn Rich about the dangers of marriage, the conniving female nature and hypergamy,

Rich still decided to ignore our advice and go on to marry a woman he barely knew and who also had a hidden agenda. More than often women want to marry foreign guys simply to gain access to their home country’s citizenship and once that’s done, file for divorce, take their share of the man’s money and resources sometimes including vaginamony aka alimony.

I’ve seen this happen to lots of men where they married women from my home country, only for women to file for divorce once they waited a few years and got their permanent residence.
After their divorce, Rich made a video claiming that Sara and him parted on great terms and that they are very much good friends. Which is off course is complete bullshit. Anyway let’s see what Rich has to say about his failed marriage to a gold digging user Sara who wanted a green card.

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